Rehab Architecture

Christopher Kidd & Associates matches the needs of the owner to the design expectations of the community.
Christopher Kidd & Associates, LLC
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

With a greater vision, Christopher Kidd had renovation in mind well before purchasing the property located in Menomonee Falls, WI that would become Christopher Kidd & Associates, LLC headquarters.  The plan was to renovate all facades of the building, rework hard and soft scapes, and include extensive interior work.

The goal of the project was to update the current outdated and inefficient 11,770 SF building throughout. 

Along with new pavement and landscaping, the building underwent a complete facelift.  New roofing, trim, siding, and entrance canopies were added.  More extensive work was completed on the interior.  This was a challenge and handled through phasing as operations continued throughout the process.  Some highlights of this interior work are the new lounge, staff training, media, and wellness centers.  A total of six bathrooms were also renovated.

Car-X / Klein-Dickert
Brookfield, Wisconsin

Originally built as a service facility in 1971, the owners of this 13,199 GSF building felt it was time to update the structure.  Beyond designing a building that would meet the City of Brookfield's high standards in "four-sided" architecture, another challenge was maintaining the operations of the two tenants during renovation.  This was handled with phasing.  Given the tenants' service businesses, it was decided to go to a modern industrial-based design.  The project utilizes brick masonry base and industrial metal panel in a contrasting cream color flanked by two tower elements that follow the color palette to balance the main facade.  Metal canopies denote entrances and windows, and are accentuated by surface mounted light fixtures.
Schlossmann's Honda City
Greenfield, WI

Schlossmann's Honda City is a successful car dealership with a remodeling plan to update the site to meet City of Greenfield standards, to include current Honda Corporate goals, and to provide excellent customer service. The Prime Quarter Restaurant to the north of Honda City will be torn down and a new parking lot for 180 cars will be created. A landscape plan with over 900 plants, trees, bushes, and ornamental grasses will create seasonal color and pleasant environment to shop for a new automobile. The dealership will be remodeled inside and out with the Honda "wave" over the showroom windows, new white EIFS walls, and a new signature blue tower to direct customers into the showroom. There will be two building additions: one is the Service Center, where customers can drive in, talk with a service advisor and schedule repair work on their car, and the second is a mechanics addition for repairing customer's cars. There will be over two dozen new skylights to provide natural light for customers and employees throughout the building. The customer lounge will be remodeled and expanded, with 3 flatscreen tvs mounted on a pole in the center of the room hanging from the ceiling which will allow everyone to have a good view. There will be a coffee bar, children's play area, bistro table seating, customer parts counter, Honda merchandise, and business seating for laptop computers. The project is scheduled to be completed by the fall of 2011.      

Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This tiny project was conceived to meet an urgent need.  The inner city church with an aged population and the ability to offer funeral services to the churchgoing community.  Previously the building was accessed only by scaling a precipitous flight of concrete stairs.

The new three-stop casket-sized elevator was installed at-grade to serve basement and sanctuary floors, allowing the congregation easy access to all levels of the church.  The small vestibule addition was designed to allow entry beneath an existing large stained glass window.  The design challenge was to construct the addition that was complimentary to the existing 100 year-old architecture without resorting to imitation.  Materials were carefully chosen to blend with those of this historic building.

Camp Joy
Whitewater, Wisconsin

This rural Wisconsin summer camping experience is greatly enhanced by the improvements to the food service facility.  At approximately 2,900 SF, this addition includes improvements to food prep, dishwashing, non-perishable cold food storage, and supply storage.  Also included is a staff lounge and toilets.

Pumphouse #3 Renovation
New Berlin, WI

The City of New Berlin renovation project included altering the current entrance to Pumphouse #3, thus expanding the square footage of the current building.  Work continued with the addition of a chemical room and separate egress as well as pumping renovations.

Pumphouse #4 Renovation
New Berlin, WI

This project for the City of New Berlin included renovating Pumphouse #4 and expanding the square footage from 1,260 SF to 2,025 SF.  Interior work included the addition of a vestibule, chemical room, and new generator and generator room.  Sitework included new paved walkways and landscaping.     

Liberty Dialysis
Woods Cross, UT

Liberty Dialysis - Woods Cross includes the construction of a tenant build-out of approximately 4,800 GSF of area and an addition to the building of 592 GSF into a 12-station outpatient dialysis clinic.  In addition, the facility includes reception, administrative offices, exam rooms, employee areas, and a water treatment room.
Bethlehem Temple
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

When members of the Bethlehem Temple decided to expand the size of their church, they contacted Christopher Kidd & Asscoiates, LLC.  Their current facility was 2,600 SF and the addition added another 8,400 SF.  This space allows circulation areas, public bathrooms, and a flexible sanctuary that can accomodate up to nine classrooms.   


Christopher Kidd & Associates, LLC Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin